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Understanding Cricket for Individuals & T20 World Cup


On this video we perceive the fundamental guidelines of recreation play and look into how the T20 World Cup Matches, Groups, Schedule & Extra.



  1. World t20 cup is coming this year! The stadium for the usa is in new york, florida and dallas texas! By looking at the view of the cricket stadiums i see, its very small in my opinion. Australian fan who loves cricket so much, australian stadiums are bigger! The other stadiums are in west indies as well. There are group a to group d and the top 2 of these groups get through the super 8 stages. Group 1 and group 2 super 8 stages the top two qualify for semis!! I know usa vs canada will be the first match, lof of americans and canadian would watch that!! Look forward to india vs pak in new york (biggest match ever)

  2. The thing is.
    You need to understand,
    Cricket is a game of Gentlemen & Ladies.

    While the rest of the sports out there are play to win, at any cost.

    Hence when Kofi Annan says, it's not cricket, without knowing how to play it.
    It means it beats the spirit of what it is to be a civilized human.

    Sad that most view it as a British Empire legacy.

    The first thing you need to learn in Cricket is the Spirit of the Game.😊

  3. One slight exception I'd take with the first video you watched is that cricket has a lot of conventions, and, in particular, they aren't called the "rules" of cricket, they are the laws of cricket.

  4. A couple of things: 1 Bowling resulted from a lady a couple of hundred years ago not being able to bowl underarm in a friendly garden game because of the wire hooping in her grand dress of the day. She rolled her arm over the top and that’s how it came about. 2. “Batters“ is a term used in baseball. They were called batsman in cricket up until just recently when the world body, the ICC, issued a global change in language to “batter“.

  5. they need to move around for a couple of reasons. 1 – so as many people as possible can attend such a big event, and 2 – because you can't keep playing on the same pitch day after day – there's a fine art to producing that strip of grass and playing on it messes it up. So they move the matches around and the curator at each ground then gets to finalise a new pitch that will be alongside the old one for a new match. The state of the pitch is a very large factor in cricket and varies from country to country – some are great for fast bowling and others are great for spinners. The playing surface isn't really a factor in baseball but it is in cricket.


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