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Stumped on the ICC Males’s T20 World Cup in New York – Stumped, BBC World Service


Stumped heads on the street to NY city to see how America is embracing cricket. Click on right here to subscribe to our channel …



  1. T20 Cricket is the perfect sport for America. 2.5-3 hours per game. Plenty of natural breaks in the game for advertising and a lot more entertaining than baseball. Amazed it hasn't taken off before now.

  2. Christian propaganda broadcasters getting involved in India , these tax thieves still try to advise world on morality and human rights, responsible for killing , murder of 20 millions Bangali in terrible drought

  3. There is serious baseball talent in America terms of hitting power, fielding skills and pitching speed. There are guys that can hit 80-90 mph pitching speeds in club baseball. They are impossible to hit.
    Working with the MLB to get players on loan would be a fantastic step.

  4. New York is not the "Home of International Cricket". Watch your words before you speak. Lords in London is the Home of Cricket. Any big organisation wants to create their own definition now. The first match might have happened their but New York is nowhere near the glory that cities like London, Melbourne, Mumbai , Kolkata, Sydney, Auckland have brought to this game.

    Great Video though. Enjoyed it.


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