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Nepal v Bangladesh | Match Highlights | U19 CWC 2024


Bangladesh keep alive of their hunt for a semi-final spot with a five-wicket win over Nepal. Match Highlights 📽️ Subscribe to our …



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  3. Congrats to team Bangladesh, commiserations to Nepal, good effort though👏
    ….It’s always good to see civilised performance on the pitch, which is rare amongst U19 team India!

  4. Cricket holds an unparalleled place in our hearts; it's not just a game but an emotion that resonates deeply within the fabric of our identity.
    In Nepal, Cricket is more than a sport; it's a passion that unites diverse communities and transcends boundaries. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is urged to recognize this fervor and contribute to the development of cricket in Nepal by raising funds. The love for cricket in our nation is boundless, and investing in its growth would not only nurture talent from grassroots levels but also enhance our global representation, providing an avenue for the youth to channel their enthusiasm positively. By supporting the infrastructure, training programs, and talent identification initiatives, the ICC can play a pivotal role in fostering a thriving cricket culture that brings joy, pride, and a sense of unity to the people of Nepal.

  5. When nepal and Bangladesh people sending love each other indian peole come and create misunderstanding how lol this Indian people shameless nation with shameless mannerless people
    And they thinking themselvs like European 😂😂


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