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  1. The day we selected the team , I was very unhappy with the squad and I commended in the very same channel, beside a kerala guy (in the team whichever one world up) factor I see absolutely no chance for Indian team. I felt 3 mistakes which you mentioned about the team. 3 spinners is Just because we don’t have any other way to extend our depth to no8. ( even If I were the captain of the squad, I would have played with same eleven. Congrats to our India. Great work from Bumrah, Pandya and ofcourse Arshdeep. Bringing Akshar up the order was the masterstroke which I never thought of. Brilliant thinking from the team.

  2. I wish Pdogg to see as an analyst in the Indian team.. most often than not his predictions are accurate.. I wish talents like this should contribute in Indian victories.. nevertheless a great victory to the Indian cricket team considering all the bad moves or weaknesses that Pdogg was insisting on.. Vijay Sir I truly admire your love towards the game considering how busy you are..❤

  3. The 15th over should be bowled by Pandya instead of Axar. Our lead spinner Kuldeep got banged by Klaasen in the previous over how come you expect Axar to bowl a decent over against in form Klaasen?That blunder mistake almost costed us the game.

  4. ஏன் இவ்ளோ ஒரு கேவலமான ஸ்டில்ல போட்டு வச்சுக்குறீங்க அஜித்துக்கு அதுக்கும் என்னை ஏன் சம்பந்தம் பண்ணி மிதிக்கிறான் அவன போட்டு வச்சு இருக்கீங்க

  5. 15 run victory or 7 run victory, that's not a matter victory is victory pgod, if u play siraj who would u drop the option is jadeja or axar , just imagine the SA Collapse once klassen got out blowers will come into play but that kind of situation will happens for India oru team will easily win bcoz of that 8 batting option and one more advantage ilaa our top order will play there natural game bcoz of the batting depth this is perfect team and this team got the reward

  6. I agree with Pdogg. In super 8matches at WIndies Jaiswal must have opened along with Rohit and Virat should have played no.3 for stability. Virat cannot be dropped for any reason once after selected in Squard. Ppl justify Dube's inclusion with some runs in finals but they miss to see that what if India lost in Semi's level?

  7. PDogg was always forthright in his views. I fully agree with his analysis. Had Siraj played instead of the off-colour Jadeja, we would have won comfortably. Markram also made a tactical blunder of sending Maharaj ahead of Rabada n helped India indirectly. Overall, PDogg's analysis was spot on, most of the times. Thank you both.

  8. Pdogg – i dont think you would criticize india so much even when india lost, but so much negativity when india won – sounds like you are more disappointed with sa loss and taking it out on india


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