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Individuals are taking discover of one among Earth’s hottest sports activities: cricket


Individuals are taking discover of one of many Earth’s hottest sports activities. This week, Workforce USA had a stunning win over Pakistan in …



  1. England took cricket around the Empire and now Indian expats are probably the biggest reason that it's being popularised around the rest of the world. Indians love cricket and Indians are emigrating all over and taking the game with them. The US could definitely become a world power with their population and the money available but it's hard to see cricket being preferred amongst the general population before football, baseball and basketball.

  2. George Washington had written a few times in his diaries that his troops would often play a game of "wickets" in their spare time. The game is believed to be a form of cricket that was imported with the European settlers. This was long before baseball was developed and exploded in America.

  3. I do think think Cricket has the potential to become much bigger in the US if you look at history in the US, Soccer started becoming a big participation sport in the 70's until it leveled off in the 2000's when it started becoming big in most of the country if you did not fit the the big three athletically you did not play team sports Soccer changed that. The country has gotten bigger and now sports like Lacrosse , Rugby and Cricket can do the same as soccer did. Cricket and Rugby like Soccer also have the marketing advantage of being big globally.

  4. I always find it amusing that the USA played the first official international cricket match ever between September 24 and 26 1844 at the St George's Cricket Club's ground at what is now 30th Street and Broadway, New York, against Canada, who won the match by 23 runs. This first match went on to produce the first international series, the Auty Cup, well before one of the most famous and enduring international cricket rivalries kicked off between Australia and England in 1877. Now that is a fun fact for your telecasts.

  5. This lazy game of cricket is a game of convenience for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka. It is basically a game of skill and a minimum level of fitness is required. Even Inzamam ul Haq and Rohit Sharma types have become world champions scoring tons, with their level of fitness. If you can't bowl fast go for spin, running between the wickets in your own timing. In batting ball comes to you. Opponent never stretches you in Speed, stamina and fitness. It is never neck to neck fight in skill, speed, stamina, and fitness. Whereas in games like Soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis, rugby,track and field it requires enormous amount of speed, stamina, fitness and skill. Opponent stretches you in all these parameters. To beat Bolt you have to be like him in not only skill, but you have to be more in Speed, stamina and fitness, than him. So is with Maradona, Ronaldo, Phelps, Michael Jackson Nadal, Djokovic etc. People from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc play cricket out of convenience. This is the reason even though soccer, basketball and other games are popular in Europe and US, but there also people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc settled for generations, play cricket only. These countries have made this lazy game their religion and are zero in all the other games which require speed, stamina, and fitness. British don't pride in cricket, they are soccer gaints. So are Australia, South Africa, New Zealand etc They are world class in soccer, rugby, track and field, swimming etc. If we combine cricket playing population of India , it is going to be even more than the population of Australia, England, South Africa etc combined, then also are not dominant. Cannot produce heros in games requiring speed, stamina and fitness, India Pakistan Bangladesh Srilanka etc try to search heros in lazy game of cricket. You talk of Bolt, they will bring cricketer to compare, You talk of Pele they will talk of cricketer, you talk of Nadal and Federer they will talk of cricketer. You talk of Michael Jordan they will talk of cricketer. Cannot rise in tough games, Indians have become ambassador of the lazy game of cricket, Cricket mad nation can never be sporting nation. It's an attitude. Japan and Korea wants to compete with top developed nations and make their presence felt be it technology, economy and games. Today they are among top world class footballers alongside European giants. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka are vying amongst themselves in a lazy game cricket and totally zero in games requiring speed,, stamina and fitness. Also sports means athleticism which we see in Great Milkha Singh, hockey giants, PT Usha, Neeraj Chopra, Leander Paes etc.Americans don't need this lazy game. Indian – Americans need because they will not be able to play other than cricket AMERICANS are a sporting nation who are world class in track and field, soccer, basketball, tennis, boxing, rugby etc They lead in medal tally in olympics. Rather India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc who are mad after this lazy game cricket should work hard to develop other games in which they are zero.

  6. Worth pointing out this is a T20 tournament which is the closest analogue to baseball. I guess in theory it could lead to interest in one day and test matches but there's probably a long way to go before there's any level of interest in those formats from America.

  7. Indian here, US better not become a graveyard for other sports. Here already cricket and the sponsorship mafia monopolises the entirety of audience viewership popularity due to historical significance which attracts a huge investment and bidding that shaped into an intangible cultural habit. It has become difficult for another sport to sustain as the incentives are very low due to limited support which hinders our competing capability from the rest of world in different arenas. Just take an example, we didn't even had a swimmer qualifier for Olympics out of a BILLION people which tbh is a shame and highlights the volume of gross negligence for other sports profession. It is a serious issue here.

  8. 0:45 Chance to be part of American Culture?
    These American😂😂
    Miss/Mrs Kaul needs to understand that it's US that was begging to become a part of Cricket Culture because it has money that Americans can't afford to loose.. Indian cricket board gives assistance and money just to make cricket stadium and training centre in countries like USA which has unhealthy youth population.
    Cricket doesn't need USA because it has no population, no Cricket players. It's humbleness of Big three that they allowed this to happen.

  9. As someone who grew up in a nation obsessed with cricket, I can see a market for limited overs cricket. Test cricket might be a tougher sell. Aussie kids aren't as laser-focused on cricket and football ad they were in previous generations but the Subcontinent is about as fanatical as any sport could hope for. I wish them luck fostering a very different sport in the US.


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