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2024 T20 World Cup Stadiums


We showcase the stadiums of 2024 ICC Males’s T20 World Cup that’s set to happen within the West Indies and USA. Thanks for …



  1. Queens park has excellent drainage its under renovation also its owned by the queens park cricket club agaist bcl cricket academy which is owned by the government so you know which the country will use for revenue

  2. 1:02 – Kensington Oval certainly does not hold 28,000 by default… so that temporary seating a la Old Trafford better be super, super high. And as to Central Broward Park taking 40,000 for the event… that's also super ambitious as that default 20,000 apparently only includes 5,000 seats. Is this World Cup allowing a load of standing then? The Nassau County International Cricket Stadium having 34,000 seats at least looks probable as all that said pop-up temporary seating square from the wickets that's already in place looks massive (and scary to sit in!).

  3. Seeig grand paire stadium kinda makes me sad with the Grand prairie airhogs being part of my older memories, at lease a town not too far away got a team in the same league in cleburne


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